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The Secret of Art 

Enjoy The Moment

The secret of art is unknown to almost everyone, even the artist themselves. 

It´s something that often can not be put into words, but always takes shape in an artists hands and in the feelings you get when you fall for an art piece. 

But I implore you to explore the secrets of the art. It´ll open up a whole new world


Susanne Kirsaa

"Living in the moment and seeing every day in new and exciting ways is essential for an artist."

The language of art is a force to be reckoned with. It drives you towards a restless search, for something known and unknown deep within the heart and soul. It lights a fire under the skin, to go to the boundaries of the mind and creativity for the sake of discovery. It questions the way of life itself. The language of art crosses borders across the world and ignites a feeling in all humans, no matter religion, race, life views or social standings. It´s something everyone can relate to and feel deep within the heart. The language of art helps us to explore our own feelings and ask questions that helps us evolve and grow as humans. It´s a way for us to search the universe for a higher knowledge, that can only be obtained through self-questioning and acknowledgement of our own weaknesses. The language of art is a way for me to create and help others realize their own inner thoughts. It´s a way for me to help others, put their thoughts into a living sculpture or painting and a way for them to connect their feelings from a period of their life to the world of expression and creativity. The language of art is ever evolving and ever exciting. It´s a journey to discovery that continues for as long as you choose to walk that path.

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