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Creating the shapes, forms and figures is one of the most indulging and time-consuming processes of making an art piece. Finding ideas for a new sculpture is at the same time easy and very difficult, because there´s a need to realize the idea and breathe life into the material. I always have many different projects lying around, so I can always look at it with new eyes, and that in return creates the best art pieces.

Making the Mold

The sculptures are created in clay or wax, where the expression of the sculpture varies depending on what material is initially used. After creating the sculpture in clay or wax, a mold of the figure is created. Creating a mold demands intense concentration, a lot of experience and knowledge or the sculpture will come out of the casting incomplete. When the mold has been created it goes to the foundry to be cast in bronze and the last step is to polish and fine tune the sculpture and coat it with the right patina.

Casting a Sculpture

Casting the Sculpture

The casting of a bronze sculpture is an intriguing process from start to finish. It starts with heating the bronze up to 1064 degrees Celsius. After the bronze has turned liquid and reached the exact degree, it is poured into a mold created from plaster of the sculpture. After 24 hours the cast is ready to be opened and the raw, beautiful sculpture comes out, just waiting to get the finish polish and final touch in form of a unique patina.


Kirsaa Studios

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